September - 2009

faculty portraits and informal candids

50 PhotosSep 24, 2009

Portraits and other photos of faculty for honor roll of donors stories featuring 11-14 David Gellman, 15-19 Anne Harris, 20-21 Debbie Geis, 23-27 Mathhew Oware, 28-33 Gloria Townsend, 34-38 Hiroko Chiba, 39-47 Valerie Ziegler, 48-52 Gabriel...

masha belyavski-frank's 20th century...

10 PhotosSep 25, 2009

Masha Belyavski-Frank's 20th Century Russian Literature class. Photos by Larry Ligget.

family weekend 2009 - greek week - god and...

59 PhotosSep 25, 2009

Greeks compete for honors and attention during the 2009 God and Goddess competition at Kresge Auditorium.

women's small college golf classic -...

72 PhotosSep 26, 2009

Women's Golf match at Deer Creek golf course in Clayton, IN.

family weekend 2009 - depauw's got talent

82 PhotosSep 26, 2009

"DePauw's Got Talent" features a variety of groups and individual performers during a premiere event on Family Weekend 2009.

family weekend 2009 - volleyball vs...

47 PhotosSep 26, 2009

Volleyball Tigers take on Southwestern during SCAC East/West divisional play at Neal Fieldhouse on Saturday.

family weekend 2009 - entertainment at the...

22 PhotosSep 26, 2009

Music, poetry, and dramatic readings fill the Nature Park during Family Weekend 2009.

family weekend 2009 - volleyball vs centre

42 PhotosSep 27, 2009

The Lady Tigers win over Centre during divisional play at Neal Fieldhouse on Sunday of Family Weekend 2009.

family weekend 2009 - men's lacrosse club...

93 PhotosSep 27, 2009

In just their 3rd year as an organization, DePauw men defeat the Ball State Cardinals soundly during a match at home on Family Weekend 2009.

mcdermond lecture series 9-29-09

7 PhotosSep 29, 2009

Jim Layton `55 presents a McDermond Lecture to student Management Fellows at the Building ballroom during the fourth lecture in the series for Fall 2009.

depauw percussion ensemble photoshoot

10 PhotosSep 29, 2009

DePauw percussion ensemble photoshoot in the Great Hall with Amy Barber. Photos by Richard Fields.

"tartuffe" dress rehearsal

69 PhotosSep 30, 2009

Dress rehersal for Tartuffe, a comedic masterpiece by Moliere of false impressions, family turbulence, and cunning con artistry in seventeenth century Paris. Photos by Richard Fields.

miscellaneous campus images - early fall...

40 PhotosOct 1, 2009

Miscellaneous campus images - early fall 2009. Photos by Larry Ligget.