September - 2009

depauw community service fair 2009

14 PhotosSep 1, 2009

Students find opportunities for community service during the DCS (DePauw Community Service) Fair held at the tent on the green on East College lawn in September 2009.

september scenes reflect change

20 PhotosSep 1, 2009

A mix of scenes include the tent on the green, Adirondack chairs, community blackboard (and shared bicycles), along with interior changes at the Memorial Building - all steps that reflect President Casey's vision for DePauw.

more campus scenes sept. 2009 - photos by...

37 PhotosSep 1, 2009

Campus scenes from September 2009 including the outdoor blackboard, Adirondack chairs, East College, outdoor classes, students and other scenes.

campus scenes sept 2009 - photos by larry...

97 PhotosSep 1, 2009

Campus scenes from September 2009 including the outdoor blackboard, Adirondack chairs, East College, outdoor classes, students and other scenes.

field hockey at mckeen field 9-1-09

50 PhotosSep 1, 2009

DePauw women open the 2009 season with a victory over Lindenwood University at McKeen Field.

creek walk

45 PhotosSep 3, 2009

First-year students in Barbara Fields Timm's seminar wade Big Walnut Creek during a lesson in natural history and experiential learning at the DePauw Nature Park.

women's tennis invitational 9-5-09

23 PhotosSep 5, 2009

DePauw players won all six singles and three doubles flights in the season-opening, seven-team DePauw Invitational on Saturday, Sept 5.

men's soccer vs elmhurst 9-5-09

43 PhotosSep 5, 2009

The men's soccer team defeats Elmhurst 2-0 during the opening game at Boswell Field.

mcdermond lecture 9-8-09 senior panel...

19 PhotosSep 8, 2009

The 1st of the McDermond Lecture Series features a panel discussion by seniors in the Management Fellows program. Photos by Richard Fields.

depauw band in formal attire - fall 2009

65 PhotosSep 8, 2009

The DePauw Band in rehearsal at Kresge Auditorium and formal photos onstage and in the Great Hall.

depauw orchestra - fall 2009

14 PhotosSep 9, 2009

The DePauw Orchestra in rehearsal at Kresge Auditorium and group photo.

karl rove and howard dean - ubben lecture...

84 PhotosSep 11, 2009

Howard Dean and Karl Rove debate issues of the day in Kresge Auditorium of the Green Center for the Performing Arts where about 2,000 people filled three auditoriums for the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture Series program, "America in 2009:...

karl rove and howard dean - presidential...

33 PhotosSep 11, 2009

President Brian Casey hosts a reception for Howard Dean, Karl Rove, student ambassadors, and guests at The Elms prior to the evening's Ubben Lecture Series debate at the Green Center for the Performing Arts.

karl rove and howard dean - student forum...

75 PhotosSep 11, 2009

Karl Rove and Howard Dean participate in a student forum in Meharry Hall of historic East College. The session was moderated by Ken Owen '82. David Dietz, president of the College Democrats, and Sam Spahn, president of the College Republicans, led...

karl rove and howard dean debate on 9-11-09

20 PhotosSep 11, 2009

A first look at the Karl Rove - Howard Dean debate at Kresge Auditorium on Sept. 11, 2009 - the first debate format hosted by the Ubben Lecture Series.

women's soccer vs. wittenberg 9-12-09 -...

21 PhotosSep 12, 2009

DePauw Women's soccer played Wittenberg, resulting in a loss, 1-0.

tigerstock 2009 - photos by richard tryon

31 PhotosSep 12, 2009

Tigerstock, a philanthropy concert/cookout held by Alpha Phi and Sigma Chi.

adirondack chairs provide outdoor learning...

28 PhotosSep 15, 2009

Adirondack chairs and new blackboard provide opportunities for outdoor classrooms.

building tomorrow benefit concert - photos...

29 PhotosSep 16, 2009

The kick-off event for the Building Tomorrow DePauw Chapter featuring The Sound Migration and DJ Solly. Photos by Richard Tryon with The DePauw Newspaper.

Adirondack Chairs - photos by Larry Ligget

17 PhotosSep 17, 2009

Classes use Adirondack chairs for outdoor sessions. Photos by Larry Ligget.