October - 2007

depauw discourse: business & government...

34 PhotosOct 5, 2007

Business and Government Solutions to Global Environmental Problems: Glenn T. Prickett, senior vice president for business and U.S. government relations, executive director of the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation...

depauw discourse: breakfast recipes

13 PhotosOct 5, 2007

Breakfast featuring recipes barbara kingsolver's animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life. walden inn and conference center

depauw discourse: a brave new ocean

24 PhotosOct 5, 2007

A brave new ocean or an ocean revolution? wallace j. nichols ྕ, senior researcher for ocean conservancy. moderator: jay s. hosler ྕ, lee g. hall distinguished visiting associate professor of biology, DePauw university. judson and...

depauw discourse: praise or shoot the...

6 PhotosOct 6, 2007

Should we praise or shoot the messenger? environmetal coverage in the national media. juliet eilperin, washington post environmental reporter. presented by the gertrude and c.d. crain lecture series. moderator: jeffery m. mccall ྈ, john...

depauw discourse: exploring the edge

41 PhotosOct 6, 2007

Exploring the Edge: geology, photography and writing projects in the quarry. joseph w. heithaus, associate professor and department chair of english, DePauw university cynthia o'dell, associate professor and department chair of art, DePauw...

beijing opera

82 PhotosOct 7, 2007

Beijing Opera performs in Kresge.

school of music: trombone lesson

17 PhotosOct 8, 2007

"A trombone lesson in the GCPA."

school of music: trombone band

22 PhotosOct 8, 2007

The trombone band rehearses in the GCPA.

school of music: french horn

23 PhotosOct 8, 2007

French Horn in the GCPA.

school of music: oboe lesson with leonid...

15 PhotosOct 8, 2007

Oboe lesson with Leonid Sirotkin in the GCPA.

president bottoms in class

36 PhotosOct 8, 2007

President Bottoms in class with students.

athletic hall of fame dinner

29 PhotosOct 10, 2007

Alumni are inducted into the DePauw University Athletic Hall of Fame.

paul sweeney

15 PhotosOct 11, 2007

Management Fellows speaker, Paul Sweeney, Partner, PS Capital Partners, LLC.

football vs trinity

71 PhotosOct 13, 2007

Football vs. Trinity at Blackstock Stadium.

lawlor pics for admission - disc 1

487 PhotosOct 14, 2007

governor mitch daniels - gertrude and g.d....

42 PhotosOct 24, 2007

Daniels presented the Gertrude and G.D. Crain Jr. Lecture, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," in the auditorium of the Richard E. Peeler Art Center.

indianapolis chamber orchestra 10-24-2007

34 PhotosOct 24, 2007

orpheus orchesta green center dedication...

7 PhotosOct 25, 2007

Grammy-Winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Presents Dedication Concert for Green Center during Old Gold Weekend.

career speaker jim holt '00

16 PhotosOct 25, 2007

Jim Holt, author of “The Career-Savvy College Student: Getting From Book Smarts to a Solid Career Start.? speaks at UB Ballroom.

moorhead lunch

4 PhotosOct 25, 2007

bike art

53 PhotosOct 25, 2007

Students decorated bikes for campus use.

gcpa dedication

78 PhotosOct 25, 2007

Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts Dedication.

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award...

47 PhotosOct 26, 2007

Theodore "Tim" M. Solso, CEO of Cummins Inc. and 1969 graduate, received the Old Gold Goblet. Other award recipients will included, Travis S. Nelson '93, Thomas R. Schuck '72, Willis H. "Bing" Davis '59, Angela Hicks Bowman '95, John Frost Bridge...

2007 old gold parade

86 PhotosOct 27, 2007

football vs austin old gold weekend

126 PhotosOct 27, 2007

Football vs. Austin during Old Gold Weekend at Blackstock Stadium.

volleyball vs mt. st. joe

54 PhotosOct 27, 2007

Volleyball vs Mt. St. Joe in the Lilly Center.

washington c. depauw society breakfast

31 PhotosOct 27, 2007

The Washington C. DePauw Society breakfast in the Union Building ballroom during Old Gold Weekend.

janet prindle institute for ethics dedication

80 PhotosOct 27, 2007

The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics dedication.

men's soccer vs. colorado college 10-28-2007

49 PhotosOct 28, 2007

DePauw Men's Soccer played Colorado College resulting in a DePauw victory with a score of 1-0.

field hockey vs sewanee

36 PhotosOct 28, 2007