October - 2006

depauw jazz ensemble

32 PhotosOct 1, 2006

DePauw Jazz Ensemble: Randy Salman, director

prof. raymonda burgman teaching economics

62 PhotosOct 3, 2006

greg schwipps in class

35 PhotosOct 4, 2006

alumni achievement awards

62 PhotosOct 5, 2006

mcdermond center lecture series jan risi

13 PhotosOct 5, 2006

The mcdermond center lecture series jan risi field 81 president and ceo independent purchasing cooperative

career night

15 PhotosOct 5, 2006

Old Gold Weekend Career Night: Alumni Helping You Succeed.

w soccer vs. oglethorpe

30 PhotosOct 6, 2006

m soccer v oglethorpe

38 PhotosOct 6, 2006

field hockey vs. sewanee

17 PhotosOct 6, 2006

meet and greet with david cryer

12 PhotosOct 6, 2006

2006 field hockey team in julian

9 PhotosOct 7, 2006

2006 old gold parade

110 PhotosOct 7, 2006

2006 athletic hall of fame awards

66 PhotosOct 7, 2006

Seven people were inducted into the DePauw sports hall of fame. The dinner and ceremony was held in the Walden Inn.

football vs. sewanee

115 PhotosOct 7, 2006

2006 the washington c. depauw society...

45 PhotosOct 7, 2006

admissions profile students and faculty

16 PhotosOct 9, 2006

hirotsugu chuck iikubo

8 PhotosOct 10, 2006

percussion at peeler

35 PhotosOct 11, 2006

Percussion students the school of music will perform contemporary works various combinations of percussion instruments located throughtout the galleries in the peeler art center.

j. michael locke '89

7 PhotosOct 18, 2006

david keen and roger wilkins

16 PhotosOct 23, 2006

David Keene, chairman, american conservative union, and roger wilkins, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and civil rights activist in conversation with professor ken bode on the topic of "the 2006 midterms: a view both sides"

field hockey vs. rhodes

19 PhotosOct 23, 2006

Field Hockey v Rhodes. DPU loses after a stroke off

educating our citizens

14 PhotosOct 26, 2006

DePauw Discourse: Educating Our Citizens to Compete and Succeed in the New Global Economy: Margaret Spellings, U.S. Secretary of Education

a conversation with lee hamilton

20 PhotosOct 26, 2006

How deep is americas crisis? Lee Hamilton '52, former congressman, co chair of iraq study group and former vice chair of 9/11. moderator: John McWethy '69,former abc news special correspondent

the mcdermond center lecture series: allan...

38 PhotosOct 26, 2006

The Robert C. McDermond Honorary Lecture Allan B. Hubbard Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director, National Economics Council Mandatory for Management Fellows

jamie lewis and alicia root

13 PhotosOct 26, 2006

Jamie Lewis '98 vice president jefferies asset management & Alicia Root '98 associate the royal bank of scotland

capitol steps perform during depauw...

21 PhotosOct 27, 2006

ethics cauldron discussion

18 PhotosOct 27, 2006

The Ethics Cauldron: Loyalty, Leaders and Tough Choices. A forum exploring ethical issues across the profressions.

depauw discourse round table lunch

21 PhotosOct 27, 2006

margaret spelling talks with students

28 PhotosOct 27, 2006

a conversation with bob herbert

22 PhotosOct 27, 2006

DePauw Discourse: what kind of country do we want to live in? a conversation with bob herbert. moderator: dr. brett obannon, assistant professor of political science.

a conversation with taylor branch

22 PhotosOct 27, 2006

DePauw Discourse: the biographers craft: taylor branch, pulitzer prize-winner and author of at canaans edge: america in the king years moderator: ken bode, eugene s. pulliam distinguished visiting professor of journalism, DePauw university

a conversation with al hubbard

20 PhotosOct 27, 2006

DePauw Discourse: a conversation with Allan Hubbard, assistant to the president for economic policy and director of the National Economic Council Moderator: Dr. Mary Dixon, Q.G. Noblitt Professor of Economics and Management

halloween fun with mens and womens cross...

14 PhotosOct 28, 2006

halloween fun with mens and womens cross country at the scac championships in danville, ky.

men's cross country scac championship

43 PhotosOct 28, 2006

The 27th-ranked DePauw mens cross country team won its seventh straight southern collegiate athletic conference championship.

women's cross country scac championship

50 PhotosOct 28, 2006

The 26th-ranked DePauw womens cross country team won its fourth straight southern collegiate athletic conference championship and its sixth in nine seasons of scac competition.

the orphan of chao

32 PhotosNov 1, 2006

DePauw Theatre to Premiere New Translation of Ancient Chinese Tale as Part of ArtsFest